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06/2015: DRONANIA receives IFS certificate

The certification authority Intertek confirms DRONANIA once again, that the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS) Standard "standard for assessing the quality and safety of food" continue to be met at the higher level.

The IFS Food standard is one of the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard for auditing of food manufacturers. The emphasis is on food safety and the quality of processes and products. This certificate conforms to the accreditation according to ISO/IEC Guide 65 and is valid for the product categories IFS (8 and 10 categories) “ the production and packaging of food supplements in tablet and capsule form in blister, PE and metal cans, and the production and bottling of liquid nutritional supplements in glass and PE bottles”. Through this certification DRONANIA offers her customers continuously a globally recognized quality standard, which speaks not only for product quality and safety, but also for the continuous performance of DRONANIA.

We are particularly proud to be able to offer to our customers in various Arab countries, a certificate in their own language, and a certificate in Mandarin.

IFS certificate in Englisch can be downloaded here.

IFS certificate in Arabic can be found here.

The IFS certificate for China is here.


07/2014: A successful Partnership

Hawlik Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH and DRONANIA
Mushrooms have been part of the Hawlik family’s life for more than 35 years. Today, the company is Europe’s largest manufacturer of medicinal mushroom products, with distribution in over 10 European countries.
A further key pillar is the development of recipes for customer orders. Here, Hawlik works with specialists in the fields of nutrition, food technology and naturopathy in order to put together the ideal combination of ingredients for their customers.

What are medicinal mushrooms?

First of all, they are a wide variety of different mushrooms. Some of them are known as edible mushrooms, such as Shiitake or the button mushroom, while we find others in the wild, such as the Lingzhi mushroom or the Trametes versicolor.

These mushrooms contain important components that can promote the health of the body. Vitamins, minerals and other secondary plant compounds are particularly well-known in this regard. However, studies tend to focus mainly on the mushrooms’ own polysaccharides and, in particular, the beta-D-glucans, which are of a high value for the immune system.

The mushrooms have already been used successfully for centuries in the natural medicine of many peoples. For instance, Reishi is popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the ‘mushroom of eternal life’. There, it is used to treat deficits in the circulatory and immune system, as well as to combat aging. Its European relative is the birch polypore. Ötzi, the glacial mummy, carried it with him on his walks. Presumably, it was used - just like by Hildegard of Bingen - as a natural antibiotic and to combat parasite infestation in the gastrointestinal tract

Learn more about Hawlik products here:

How are they taken?

There are two different dosage forms: the powder from the whole mushroom and the dry extract, which is acquired from the powder. The field of application is crucial here: powders tend to be used for prevention, while extracts are generally prescribed for treatment. A combination of powder and extract has often proven to be ideal. This is why we also offer this mixture as a finished product. Here, an experienced doctor or therapist – ideally with an additional qualification in mycotherapy – recommends the right mushroom, the optimal pharmaceutical form and dosage.

Where do the medicinal mushrooms come from?

These are grown on mushroom farms, where the employees have often been growing mushrooms for generations. The experience that these farmers bring with them forms the basis for the quality of the end products. The mushrooms are harvested at the optimal time for ripening. This does not mean when they are the maximum size, but rather when they have the highest density of vital substances. In particular, the mushrooms’ own polysaccharides are important within the focus of interest. Afterwards, they are dried gently on site so that only the water is removed from the fruiting body and all other valuable ingredients are retained. To ensure the quality of the raw materials, Hawilk is constantly on site and takes samples of the harvested mushrooms, which are tested by a state-accredited laboratory. Hawlik does not buy any raw materials on the open market, but instead only process the mushrooms from our own farms.

Quality control

The mushrooms undergo a strict inspection following harvesting and before processing. During this, Hawlik tests 500 parameters, such as microbial impurities and pollution due to pesticides and heavy metals. Each customer can take a look at the latest reports.

Most important factor for the Hawlik quality guarantee is the expertise, the passion for first-class raw materials and high-quality products among all the employees. And we see time and time again that this mixture is right in the lab tests for our raw materials and finished products. And we share this knowledge with all our customers – they can view our analyses at any time.

Partnership with DRONANIA

HAWLIK: „It is not only innovation and knowhow from our own company that is crucial for the success of a product, but also strong partners. From the product idea to market readiness, it is important that all of the forces involved pull in the same direction: manufacturing top-quality products that help to maintain or support the well-being of our customers.“

„One partner that not only shares the quality criteria of our company but also constantly provides new momentum is DDRONANIA. Together with them, we have developed various products and, over our continuous 15-year collaboration, have already produced several million capsules.“

Fam. Hawlik (Willy Hawlik, Kathrin Hawlik, Sandra Hawlik, Benny Hawlik)

The basis: people with passion

The foundation stone for the success of Hawlik Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH was laid by two people with a passion for mushrooms – Willy and Kathrin Hawlik. Within a short time, they built the first and largest organic Shiitake cultivation in Europe. Contact with Traditional Chinese Medicine then awoke a new interest: the health-promoting aspects of mushrooms of all kinds. Today, the company is the largest distributor of dietary supplements from and containing medicinal mushrooms and plant extracts. The second generation of Hawliks now also works successfully in the company. Benjamin Hawlik primarily manages product development and quality management. And he does this with plenty of commitment and joy, creativity and team spirit. Sandra Hawlik works as the ‘interior minister’, ensuring the smooth process and excellent working environment that is constantly praised by our customers.

A family company with plenty of energy and a wealth of ideas.

Together with the company Hawlik we look back on a successful partnership, but most of all we look forward to many more exciting projects that make use of the expertise of both companies and further develop them.

Off to new shores!


Picture credits: Hawlik Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH

07/2014: DRONANIA 10 years under the direction of Drs Tittel

     D R O N A N I A 2004 – 2014 – 2024  

The company name dates back to the year 1920 and has been awarded by the company founder DROste. Company and company name now have experienced now 94 years of German history, from Weimar to Bonn to Berlin and with offices in Bad Godesberg (NRW) and in Bad Woerishofen (Bavaria)

You can read more about our company history here

Until 1978 DRONANIA was a small phyto-pharmaceutical company with proprietary pharmaceuticals based on herbs. Purely focused on the German market. Under the leadership of Dr. Hancken the European target market was build up in the wake of the new millennium with focus on Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and Hungary.

July 15th, 2004 the family Dres. Tittel took over the company name and established the company new as a new GmbH. DRONANIA was affiliated with the LAT group, which was already under the direction of the Family Tittel; with that a step in the scientific phyto-pharmacy and phyto-therapy was done. Together with the Contract Institute LAT GmbH and the PHYTOVISIONS GmbH & CO KG, that focused on the market of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the step was done into new markets outside the EU: Arab and Chinese partners were won, the business to Sweden, Austria and Hungary was established and expanded.

July 15th, 2014 it will be 10 years that the shareholders Dr. Christa Tittel, Dr. med Sylvia Weingart and Dr. Gerolf Tittel gave this traditional company name a new, modern and future-oriented content: DRONANIA, traditional medicines from Bad Wörishofen GmbH was transformed to DRONANIA Pharmaceuticals!

In retrospect, the past 10 years have been marked by the diverse developments of a complete rebuild: a completely new and strictly according to GMP operating phyto pharmaceutical production was established, whose quality standards comply and withstand todays demands of the international markets for medicines and dietary supplements (IFS). Influenced by the operations manager Jürgen Yamaji (†) and Dr. Matthias Wiedenmann, a modern equipped contract manufacturer of herbal medicines and dietary supplements was established, whose products were present in German and Austrian discount markets and drugstores, as well as in pharmacies and on the shelves of health shops. Further the products are now also present in pharmacies in north- and southeastern Europe, Arab countries and Hong Kong.

After the separation from the LAT Group (now GBA Hamburg) starting on 01.01.2012 the spectrum of offered goods and services has been consistently rebuilt. A consistent structural reform in 2013 streamlined internal processes and structures; the portfolio was rebuild and new distribution partners were successfully gained. Today, 10 years after the ownership and management change, DRONANIA Pharmaceuticals builds equally on grown, traditional client structures as well as the internationalization with new partners!

Nothing is so old and immediately past, as a fiscal year to New Year's Eve and New Year! With this spirit, the Board wants to look forward and not into the past of the last 10 years. DRONANIA enters into the next 10 years with a new management, whose task is to orient the company to the market structures of the future! It is with the leadership team made of a chief commercial officer (business manager) with U.S. experience, a chief technical officer (production manager) with many years of professional experience in aphyto-pharmaceutical company of international standing, with whom we set for the future.

It is the combination of business, technical and scientific expertise, which will determine the next years and the continuing of DRONANIA! Ms. Monika Berkmiller (, Dr. Uwe Gasser ( and the Managing Director Dr. Gerolf Tittel ( lead DRONANIA successfully into the second decade after the management change and to the next anniversary point "100 Years DRONANIA". The economic success of this team depends crucially on the satisfaction of our customers! The team is looking forward to YOUR TEST of its performance.

DRONANIA 2014 is a pharmaceutical company whose expertise lies in herbal pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and medicinal products, without synthetic drugs in our production range. We face the challenge of developing new product formulations and preparations in this segment, even for markets where such preparations as "Herbals", “nutraceuticals "or "phytoceuticals "can be registered. It's nice to look back at 10 years of business, but it is challenging to master another 10 years. Analogue of the U.S. President the whole DRONANIA team believes firmly in "YES WE CAN", especially at a time of growing national and international competition!

05/2014: Safe products need special quality control

Dr. Tanja Schaller, DRONANIA Qualitätssicherung im Betriebslabor

Investments into future

Particularly high-quality pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements containing botanicals/herbals, amino acids and minerals require a particularly high-quality analytical and regulatory support to ensure the quality, traceability and compliance with legal standards. Experience, scientific knowledge and first-class instrumentation are an imperative basis for quality control! The DRONANIA operating laboratory was and is attuned to this challenge, on a human level as well as instrumental. This becomes apparent in the current change of responsibility in our laboratory as well as in the investment in a new analytical instrument:

The DRONANIA Board is very pleased that Dr. Tanja Schaller, certified food chemist with extensive expertise in food, cosmetics and consumer goods law, has joined our team. Now, the laboratory responsibility changed from a pharmacist, currently on maternity leave, to a professional colleague whose experience focuses, among other things, especially on gas chromatography (GC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Due to her promotion in the field of flavors (focus on trace analysis) is Dr. Schaller particularly familiar with natural materials.

Dr. Schaller is your point of contact for all matters relating to the quality control of drugs, pharmaceuticals as well as dietary supplements, no matter if relating to contract manufacturing or to products of the DRONANIA portfolio. Dr. Schaller can be reached directly at: Phone: +49 - 8247 3907-40 / E-mail:

All at DRONANIA processed raw materials are subject to strict incoming goods inspections. Only substances with a complete food regulatory identification and qualification concerning the absence of pollution residues, GMO free, microbiological quality and all other special national and international standards are released for further processing.

The identity verification, trade unit for trade unit, was has been established at DRONANIA for many years with the FT-IR technique. This measurement technique has now been accelerated and updated by the ATR method. Here, the substance is applied to a crystal and measured directly. This shortens the processing time; together with a computerized database and many spectral analysis options the laboratory gains even more efficiency! The investment in the performance infrared spectrometer “Spectrum Two ™” (ATR-FT-IR), from the company PERKIN ELMER, was therefore the logical consequence for the instrumental development of the DRONANIA operating laboratory.

04/2014: DRONANIA receives IFS certificate

The certification authority Intertek confirms DRONANIA once again, that the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS) Standard "standard for assessing the quality and safety of food" continue to be met at the higher level.

The IFS Food standard is one of the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard for auditing of food manufacturers. The emphasis is on food safety and the quality of processes and products. This certificate conforms to the accreditation according to ISO/IEC Guide 65 and is valid for the product categories IFS (8 and 10 categories) “ the production and packaging of food supplements in tablet and capsule form in blister, PE and metal cans, and the production and bottling of liquid nutritional supplements in glass and PE bottles”. Through this certification DRONANIA offers her customers continuously a globally recognized quality standard, which speaks not only for product quality and safety, but also for the continuous performance of DRONANIA.

We are particularly proud to be able to offer to our customers in various Arab countries, a certificate in their own language.

IFS certificate in Englisch can be downloaded here.

IFS certificate in Arabic can be found here.


01/2014: DRONANIA your „idea-l“ SERVICE partner from the development to the finished product

The investment in new and innovative products is essential for a successful image and long -term growth. To the question: " How do we get from the product idea to a marketable finished product including all required documents under consideration and inclusion of all valid legal bases , etc.? " has DRONANIA an answer.

Regardless what stage your idea might have achieved already, the DRONANIA team offers individual and competent solutions for your product - no matter if dietary/food supplement or herbal medicinal product.

A recent and very successful example of such a cooperation is the project SonnenMoor® peat tablets. This project is a development of a dietary supplement in tablet form, which lasted over one year. After first joint brainstorming sessions and discussions at the conference table, extensive tests and preparations for drying and grinding the peat were carried out at SonnenMoor®, at the same time the galenic development according to the client wishes and legal foundations took place at DRONANIA . Even corresponding production machines were rebuilt or redesigned to obtain a peat powder which not only meets the quality requirements, but also the technical requirements for further processing on the rotary tablet press at DRONANIA.

As a base and as raw material for the tablet serves the longest matured and thus most valuable layer of Leopoldskroner peat area at the foot of the mountains. This layer is rich in natural, high quality humic acids, trace elements and minerals from over 350 different (some extinct ) herbs, plants, berries and roots that are present by a millennia- long process in particularly concentrated form.

With exquisite craftsmanship a specially trained team of SonnenMoor® staff pierce the peat for the products “drinking peat” and “peat DIAMOND tablets” themselves. Thus, the high quality demands from the mining is carried up to the final product throughout the entire process chain.

After several trial runs on a laboratory scale, a production scale-up and after the creation of the corresponding obligatory product information texts, nutritional information, expert opinion reports, etc., the peat DIAMANT tablets were successfully produced and recently introduced to the Austrian market. Together, the following production process was developed and defined:

  • • The high-quality raw material peat is dried in a particularly gentle and specially designed process. In an hour-long drying process almost all the moisture is removed from the peat raw material. The initial moisture content of peat is btw 90-95%.
  • • In the next step, the grinding of the peat crumbs to powder takes place . For this, a special mill made of pine and stainless steel was developed in cooperation with an external partner. The stone pine antibacterial effect at the crushing process and the stainless steel liner prevents the penetration of humic acids and thus staining the wood.
  • • Multiple millstones guarantee the gradual milling of the peat crumbs. The result is a fine peat powder in which the trace elements, minerals and humic acids remain.
  • • In the next step at DRONANIA, the fine peat powder is mixed two natural auxiliaries and compressed into tablets.
  • • This is followed by the assembly in blister packs of 10 tablets and the packaging in cardboard boxes, each with 3 blisters.
  • • SonnenMoor® peat DIAMOND tablets consist of 75% peat powder. 1 pack SonnenMoor® peat DIAMOND tablets contains 30 tables ( = month package, net weight 21 g).
  • • Peat DIAMOND tablets contain no sugar or other substances for flavoring and no preservatives or stabilizers.

For further information about the finished peat Moor DIAMOND tablets, click here:
Moor Diamant Product information und peat DIAMOND advertisement:.

Just talk to us.

01/2014: Scientifically up to date:

Genotoxic Impurities in Herbal Medicinal Products and food supplements

The DRONANIA focus in contract manufacturing and in our product range lies with herbals medicinal products/herbal pharmaceuticals as well as food supplements. To secure the quality in the specific area of production it is necessary to abide by national and international regulations, specifically in regards to impurities. The knowledge and know-how about these regulations regarding impurities is a substantial part or our quality policy.

The EFSA and the EMA have guidelines for accepted residues of gentoxic impurities and the measurement thereof. Dr. Tittel, CEO and Qualified Person at DRONANIA, lectured about this topic during the ANALYTICA ANACON INDIA Conference 2013 in Mumbai. The lecture discussed the regulatory basics in Europe, explained structure-effect-relationships and gave samples of the necessary analytical determination test methods.

Dr. Tittel presented the studies that were made with the DRONANIA COUGH DROPS to proof that there are no gentoxic impurities from the biosynthesis of the sundew (Drosera rotundifolia L.). The AMES test and the HPLC were both able to proof the high quality of the cough drops.

The ANALYTICA conference is a yearly reoccurring international event of the Munich Trade Fair GmbH.


12/2013: International Markets

The DRONANIA team in the United Arab Emirates

In 2006 DRONANIA started first product development projects for herbal medicinal products/herbal pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements which were supposed to unite the best efficacy, safety and innovation with the best suitability for the export into countries with mainly Islamic inhabitants. The main pre-requisites were

  • • alcohol free or at least low-alcohol
  • • no artificial colorants
  • • pleasant and likeable flavoring for the aspired market

The Ivypan® cough syrup plus and the vitamin products of the Fluidpan Product Series are results of these intensive development projects. In the meantime all products are registered and sold in Germany and various EU countries.

At one of the most important international trade Fairs, the ARAB HEALTH in Dubai 2013, the interest for these products was sparked in various Arabic countries. After the successful market introduction in Libya, profiting from a growing domestic market after the Arab Spring, other contracts were signed with cooperation partners in Yemen, Morocco and Tunisia. Special interest in the DRONANIA products was also created in Saudi Arabia as well as the United Arab Emirates.

In November 2013 a DRONANIA TEAM, consisting of Ms. Monika Berkmiller (Commercial Operations Manager), Dr. Christa Tittel (Member of the Management Board) and Dr. Tittel (Managing Director) held various contract-oriented negotiations in the United Arab Emirates.

11/2013: “Use of herbal drugs, processed materials and other forms (e.g. granules)”


On 14-15 November 2013, the EDQM (Council of Europe) and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China (SATCM) jointly organized a symposium on ‘Traditional Chinese Medicines’ in Strasbourg, France. Recognizing the growing importance of TCM worldwide, the aim of the symposium was to intensify the collaboration and exchanges between experts from Europe and China and to receive feedback from stakeholders on the use of Ph. Eur. TCM monographs.

After an overview of the current situation of Traditional Chinese Medicines in China and Europe, including a contribution from the Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (ChP) Commission, Dr. WANG Ping, on the status and future perspectives for monograph elaboration in the ChP, presentations were made that focused on technical aspects and the analytical techniques and methods that could be used in the quality control of Traditional Chinese Medicines:

  • • The regulatory situation of Traditional Chinese Medicines in China and in Europe, including a substantial contribution on the elaboration of the Traditional Chinese Medicines monographs in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
  • • The progress in research, especially in terms of identification using multiple methods such as DNA barcoding, HPLC and HPTLC fingerprinting.
  • • The current efforts to pursue evidence-based methods of quality control.
  • • The rigorous methods currently being elaborated to control toxic compounds.
  • • The on-going work for understanding the chemical and pharmacological effects of Traditional Chinese Medicines processing.

The focus of Dr. Gasser´s presentation was based on the use and purpose of TCM-Granules, which have a rising importance for practitioners in Europe. Dr. Gasser concludes, that TCM-Granules, although widely used, are undefined products with an ambiguous legal binding status.

The symposium was attended by 75 participants, including officials and experts from 18 countries, as well as representatives from European and national regulatory authorities, TCM importers, pharmacists and practitioners.

The presentations are published on the EDQM website:

10/2013: Caught a Cold? Not anymore!

With DRONANIA naturally healthy through the cold season!

Once it turns uncomfortable and cold outside again, the dark and wet season begins, and with it the common cold and flu infections. The unloved symptoms of sore throat, headache and body aches, cough and runny nose are well known to all of us. But it doesn’t have to come that far! By following the tips below and with the support of our DRONANIA products you will come through the fall and winter season naturally healthy.

Healthy Diet
Especially important is a varied and vitamin-rich diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, so your defenses are strengthened. In addition, we recommend our Multipan vitamin syrup for a targeted support of an active immune system.

Fresh air
Even though we might not like it very much to be outside and enjoy the fresh air during this time of the year, try to go outside at least for half an hour every day, no matter wind and weather. This not only strengthens your immune system but also stimulates your cell metabolism. In addition, watch for a healthy indoor climate - an overheated room with too much dry air makes the mouth, nose, and throat vulnerable to viruses.

Hygiene is the best protection!
Regular hand washing is easy & effective! Hand perspiration is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Therefore, caution should be exercised when shaking hands, especially during the cold season. Our homeopathic medicine Anfokali® gives the organism a targeted stimulus to activate the body's own healing powers.

Exercise and outdoor sports strengthen our defenses. Yet we should do it regularly and moderately, because overexertion and fatigue weaken the defense. Our body needs much oxygen, exercise and the normal temperature changes of warm and cold to fight against infectious diseases.

Especially endurance sports rises the number of the body's defense cells in the blood. Regular sporting activities increase the performance of the immune system, but be careful - do not overdo it! Excessive exercise can even weaken the immune system. Give your defense and immune system a special boost now with our Vitapan C drops to stay fit!

Even if you already suffering from a cold, DRONANIA products help you to gain your health back and become fit again. For coughs and bronchitis, we recommend our respiratory homeopathic medicine Wörishofener Hustentropfen (cough drops) or our Ivypan® cough syrup ( with valuable medicinal plant extracts which loosen mucous, act liberating and soothing to the upper respiratory tract and strengthen it.

Stay healthy and enjoy this colorful and delightful season!


10/2013: Short portrait phytoceuticals: innovative products with traditional originitionellem Ursprung

What exactly are phytoceuticals?

The term phyto, phyton is derived from the Greek, with original meaning of plant. From here the terms phytomedicine and phytology are derived. The official definition of a phytoceutical is defined as follows: a term for plant products with activity on biologic systems.

But what exactly does this mean? Generally speaking, any plant derived chemical that is not considered an essential or conditionally essential nutrient in the human diet but is believed to have beneficial health effects is a phytoceutical.

As such, phytoceuticals are not part of the inherent natural human diet but they can be used to supplement human nutrition so as to promote human health by way of amplifying specifically relevant bodily functions through the means of their ability to mimic natural human related biochemical substances.

The potential of phytoceuticals is obvious, however, more difficult to estimate is the commercial success, which will substantially rely on the scientific elaboration, processing and therefore the effectiveness thereof.

Many pharmaceutical products today contain either fully or slightly modified versions of various phytoceutical substances.

In addition, it is important to note that phytoceuticals are most commonly referred to as herbal and/or botanical substances and products.

09/2013: Extended operating license since September

So far, DRONANIA batch sizes for liquid medicines and oral dietary supplements were limited to smaller quantities.

After extensive remodeling and qualification work on our 6.000 kilograms liquids system, did the responsible authority audit and release the system for oral liquids as well now (until then it was limited for external use).

With that we can now additionally produce herbal juices, drop preparations and homeopathic remedies, alcoholic or aqueous or with other vehicle compounds, on a scale of up to 6 tons. Following up the DRONANIA quality policy, this liquid production system will be used not only for drugs but also for liquid nutritional supplements as well.

GMP production of liquid food/dietary supplements (e. g. multivitamin syrup) is particularly appreciated by customers in the export business. In particular, imports into the Arab countries of the Middle East, but also to Asia and possibly to USA already require proof of GMP production today.

07/2013: Dr. Uwe Gasser new Head of Production and Technical Operations Manager

The DRONANIA board is very pleased to have gained a proven expert in the area of production of herbal medicines and dietary supplements - Dr. Uwe Gasser (53). He will be happy to offer his long-standing knowledge of herbal products, vitamins, amino acids and minerals as well as his specialized knowledge of Chinese medicinal plants to DRONANIA customers.

As a food chemist and longtime production manager of the Kneipp-Werke company, Dr. Gasser brings a lot of experience with him into his new position at DRONANIA. He is an authorized expert according to § 65 passage 4 German Pharmaceutical Law for "drugs and drug preparations, especially drugs and drug preparations of traditional Chinese medicine" (Government of Bavaria/Swabia) and a member of the Working Party on TCM EDQM (Strasbourg). As deputy "Qualified Person" (German Pharmaceutical Law), he will also assume responsibility for the release of herbal medicines for the pharmaceutical market.


06/2013: DRONANIA repeatedly GMP certified

The GMP requirements for pharmaceuticals and medical products include a wide range of manufacturing processes and procedures. One important factor is a comprehensive and well-functioning quality management system. In recent years DRONANIA was able to consistently extend its quality management system and repeatedly expand the GMP status as well as expand the national operating permits extensively. Most recently did the governmental authority (Government of Upper Bavaria) confirm DRONANIA its high quality standards again and issued the GMP status for human medicinal products as well as for veterinary medicinal products.

You can download our current GMP certificates here:

Certificate of GMP for medicinal products for humans: pdf

Certificate of GMP for veterinarian medicinal products: pdf


At DRONANIA we can produce following pharmaceutical forms under GMP conditions for you:

  • • Tablets
  • • Capsules
  • • Liquids


GMP is a term that was introduced in 1962 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The term is synonymous for a collection of behavior measurements and instructions that have to be taken into consideration during the production and handling of certain products with the main goal being that these products are reproducible and reliable in the desired quality. The obligation to comply wiht the GMP guidelines comes appropriate legislation (e.g. the German Medicines Act).*



04/2013: DRONANIA continuously achieved her IFS certificate

The certification center authority of the TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH confirms DRONANIA once again, that the requirements of the IFS Food standard "standard to assess the quality and safety of food" are continuously meet at the higher level according to the new version 6.

The IFS Food standard is one of the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standards for the auditing of food manufacturers. The focus lies upon food safety and the quality of processes and products. This certificate conforms to the accreditation according to ISO/IEC Guide 65 and is valid for the product categories IFS Food 8: Beverage, IFS 10: Dry products, other ingredients and additives (e. g. dietary supplements), Technology Scopes: E, F.

Through this DRONANIA offers its customers another internationally recognized standard of quality, which speaks not only for the product quality and safety, but also for the continuous performance of DRONANIA for her customers.

You can download our current certificate here


03/2013: Ivypan® plus cough syrup in the Arab market for the first time

January 28th to 31st, 2013 , for the third time did DRONANIA Pharmaceuticals attend and exhibit in the German Pavilion at the Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai (UAE) the largest health fair in Arabia for medicinal and health care products. Here DRONANIA could continue the already long-running and very good talks with her Arab contacts. DRONANIA used this opportunity to negotiate the possibility of importing the IVYPAN® plus cough syrup into the various countries of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) as well as other Arab countries. Many contacts and discussions reached now a successful conclusion. Various agency agreements between DRONANIA and Arabic partners.

The Arab health care sectors, particularly the areas hospital and pharmacy, are increasingly interested in drug imports, especially from Germany. In addition to generic drugs, are herbal medicines in great demand. In the growing markets of the Middle East, the pure herbal cough syrup Ivypan ® plus can help to close the gap between the proper fitting price structure for drugs of the individual country’s delivery terms, and the effectively, virtually free of side effects drug therapies for coughs both pharmaceutically / medically. Ivypan ® plus is the new development of the EU legislation on traditional herbal medicines and the appropriate monographs of the HMPC (EU) and the WHO-based phyto-therapies. Since 2010, this cough sirup has been approved and registered as THMP in the EU countries Austria and Hungary. Ivypan® plus ( is a pure herbal combination of ivy and thyme DAB, free of artificial sweeteners and colorings, with a less than 2% alcohol concentration. Thus, this drug therapy fits the requirements of Islamic doctors and patients.

Since 2007 DRONANIA has active contacts in the Arab market. A successful company registration in the UAE in 2008 and the subsequent product registration of the DRONANIA product "Herbal Nerve", confirm and highlight the many years of good business relations in the Arab world. Therefore, this fair offered an important platform for numerous technical discussions with long-time partners in almost all countries of the Arabian Peninsula as well as for international networking. In the future DRONANIA will continue to go the way of increasing sales and licensing activities in this market consistently.

03/2013: New markets, new challenges

DRONANIA and EXCEER LIBYA LTD. close agency contract
Ivypan® plus cough syrup for the first time in the Arabian market

Bad Wörishofen/Gräfelfing, 01.03.2013

After the Ghadafi dictatorship ended the North African country Libya resumes to develop an important bridge to Europe. The health sector, especially the hospital and pharmacy markets, are increasingly interested in drug imports from Germany. Mainly herbal medicines, in addition to generic drugs, are in great demand.

Already during the ARAB HEALTH 2013 in Dubai (UAE), the largest Arabian trade fair for medical products and medicines, did the BD manager of DRONANIA, Monika Berkmiller and Dr. Sultan of EXEER LIBYA LTD., lead first orienting discussions about the possibility of establishing the marketing authorization and the importation of the IVYPAN® plus cough syrup to Libya. These first discussions in Dubai now led to the conclusion of an agency contract between DRONANIA and Exeer Libya.

Immediately after the soon expected approval, of the marketing authorization for Ivypan® plus in Libya by Ministry of Health of the Libyan transitional government in Tripoli, the first delivery of the cough syrup will be exported. As the CEO of Exceer Libya, Mr. Salem Altumi pointed out, can this pure herbal cough syrup close the gap of effective and virtually free of side effects drug therapies for coughs in Libya, both pharmaceutical / medical, as well as in terms of drug pricing within the proper fitting terms of delivery within the country. Ivypan® plus ( is a purely herbal combination of ivy TE and thyme FE DAB, free of artificial sweeteners and colorants as well as with less than 2 % alcohol concentration. Thus, this drug therapy fits the requirements of Islamic physicians and patients. In the EU, this cough syrup has been already approved in Austria and Hungary. Ivypan® plus is a new development based on the EU legislation for traditional herbal medicinal products and the relevant monographs of the HMPC (EU) and the WHO based phyto (herbal) therapeutics.

The CEOs, Mr. Altumi and Dr. Tittel agreed on an extended cooperation which also includes other products of the DRONANIA product range.

After the launch of Herbal Nerve Tablets in the UAE and the agency agreement with IPCO, Sharja, Dubai, in 2010, the agreement with EXCEER Libya means another important step for the development of the export business in the Arab countries for DRONANIA Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Tittel hopes that ongoing discussions with partners in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan and Syria will also soon lead to successful marketing authorizations and cooperation agreements on the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.

Dr Aldil S. Sultan, Dr Gerolf Tittel and Mr Altumi (l.t.r) after successful meeting on 01.03.2013

Mrs Monika Berkmiller with representatives of EXEER LIBYA Ltd. in front of the DRONANIA factory

The head of scientific department Dr. Adil Sultan of EXEER with IVYPAN® plus and further DRONANIA products

02/2013: DRONANIA Pharmaceuticals presents itself within the German Pavilion at the ARAB HEALTH 2013!

Bad Woerishofen, 19.02.2013

From January 28th to January 31st, 2013 DRONANIA Pharmaceuticals presented istself, along with many other German companies from the pharmaceutical industry, as part of the German Pavilion at the ARAB HEALTH in Dubai (UAE). The leading and growing healthcare exhibition in the Middle East presented itself this year with more than 3,500 exhibitors from over 75 nations.

Since 2007 DRONANIA is present in the Arab market. Therefore the ARAB HEALTH fair offered an important platform for numerous expert discussions with longstanding partners from almost all countries of the Arabian Peninsula as well as for international networking opportunities. The focus of the discussions of the DRONANIA team (Monika Berkmiller (BD Management), Dr. Christa Tittel (Deputy QP) and Dr. Gerolf Tittel (CEO)) with prospective Arabic customers and partners was the cough syrup Ivypan® ( as well as the new DRONANIA products series "Phyto Balance" of herbal dietary supplements.

The Arab Health Exhibition 2013 made for a sensational start into the medical technology fairs worldwide with 86,000 m2 of exhibition space, over 3,500 exhibitors from more than 75 countries - including 37 official national pavilions and over 78,000 visitors and over 7,000 delegates. More than 450 German-speaking countries (D / A / CH) presented their products and services to trade visitors (source:

The interest of the German federal government in the Arabian market and the fair documented the visit of Dr. Huml Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health Germany. She did inform herself at the DRONANIA booth about the opportunities and problems regarding the marketing of herbal medicines in Arab countries.

After the trade show Ms. Berkmiller said that the numerous trade contacts were a key indicator for the importance of the growing markets in the Middle East and the Maghreb. DRONANIA will continue to go the way of increasing sales and licensing activities in this market. After an exploratory discussion with a representative of the Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates on the outskirts of the fair, emphasized Dr. Tittel growing interest of DRONANIA Pharmaceuticals in the export business in this region.

01/2013: DRONANIA Pharmaceuticals at ARAB HEALTH fair in Dubai

DRONANIA will exhibit at the Arab Health in Dubai from January 28th – 31st and take this opportunity to introduce the natural cough syrup Ivypan® plus.
Ivypan® plus syrup is a traditionally proven herbal cough syrup that is suitable for chesty and bronchial coughs associated with common colds.

Further are we pleased to introduce our new phytobalance series. Phytobalance products are high quality dietary supplements based on herbs which have been used traditionally for centuries to ensure health and wellbeing. Phytobalance products combine the power of nature with the current scientific standards of knowledge to help you stay healthy and vital!

The Arab Health is the largest healthcare exhibition and medical congress in Middle East. Come and visit us at the Arab Heath 2013 in Dubai at booth ZK13! Alternatively you can visit us at our virtual booth under:

Further information about the exhibition under:

Your DRONANIA Team in Dubai


07/2012: Extended operating license

GMP status now also available for veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal feed supplements!

DRONANIA successfully and consequently increased the GMP process and the national operating license over the past years. In June 2011 the responsible Regulatory Authority granted DRONANIA the manufacturing license for veterinarian pharmaceutical products in addition. Now DRONANIA is also officially registered as animal feed producer.


Our pharmaceutical/medicinal products are processed, under GMP conditions on a modern machinery, to:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules (hard gelatin and cellulose)
  • Liquids (for internal and external use)

DRONANIA also produces DIETARY/FOOD SUPPLEMENTS and human pharmaceuticals. Everything under the GMP quality standard.


03/2012: Obituary for Jürgen Yamaji

Mr. Yamaji at his fare-well from Dronania on 08.02.2005

Mr. Jürgen Yamaji, DRONANIA's first general management - after reestablishment of the company in July 2004 - has left us forever on 17th January 2012, because of cancer. He died in Dumaguete, Philippines, where he spent his retirement.

Under his direction, the liquid mixing equipment, which was named by him („Yamaji 1“), was constructed and built, the manufacturing premises renovated and the production structures optimized. Together with Mr. Wiedenmann he coordinated the new foundation of the business in spring 2004. The renewal of the technical equipment was his work.

For Dronania's management board Jürgen Yamaji was not only our general manager but also a very good friend. We will keep him always in fondly memory.

Family Tittel with staff







01/2012: Setting sights on the market...

... this is the title of DRONANIA’s two-page advertorial in the Pharma+Food compendium for contract manufacturing 2012.

Download of the article (pdf)






01/2012: The Dres. Tittel Group strikes out in a new direction

DRONANIA and Phytovisions specify their range of services.

At the turn of the year the marketing cooperation LAT Group split up and the direct collaboration between DRONANIA Traditionelle Arzneimittel aus Bad Wörishofen GmbH, Phytovisions GmbH & Co. KG and LAT GmbH Dr. Tittel ended. After the change in shareholders and management the pharmaceutical institute LAT no longer belongs to the Dres. Tittel Group.

Dr. Gerolf Tittel now focuses on leading both DRONANIA and Phytovisions providing full-range services for product development of herbal medicine and food supplements. The core competences are formula development, samples production, procurement of raw materials, phrasing obligatory texts and graphical services for package design, patient information and consumer information.

As DRONANIA’s development and production comply with GMP norms, it is able to meet the product requirements for the Non-EU market as well as the requirements of other countries regarding the borderline between pharmaceuticals and food supplements (Nutraceuticals etc.). Especially markets in the Middle East (MENA, GCC) and Asia (with focus on China) can count on the long-term experience of Phytovisions GmbH & Co KG.



June 2011: German authorities extend operating license

DRONANIA - certificates for Manufacturing authority

GMP status also available now for hard capsules and veterinary medicinal products!

Over the past years DRONANIA successfully increased the GMP process and the national operating license. Recently the responsible Regulatory Authority granted DRONANIA the manufacturing license for veterinarian medicinal products and for medicinal products for humans.

CERTIFICATE OF GMP for medicinal products for humans: pdf

CERTIFICATE OF GMP for veterinarian medicinal products: pdf

Under GMP conditions on a modern machinery, our medicinal products are processed to

  • •      Tablets
  • •      Capsules (hard gelatine and cellulose)
  • •      Liquids (for internal and external use)


03/2011: DRONANIA achieves IFS certificate (International Food Standard)

DRONANIA - certificate International Food Standard

On 25th March 2011 the department of certification of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH certified that our company fulfills the requirements of International Food Standard (IFS) on Higher Level. This certificate complies with accreditation of EN 45011 and is valid for the product category 'Production of food supplements and dietary food (category 13)'

Certificate German: pdf

Certificate Arabic: pdf

The IFS certification documents that DRONANIA’s production complying with the customary international quality standards/requirements also complies with the specifications and regulations of the Arabian world.

10/2010: Goodbye and Welcome

Dr. Matthias Wiedenmann had been Operations and Production Manager for six years. On 22nd October all colleagues and the management celebrated his farewell with him at the Jagshäusle in Bad Wörishofen.

Dr. Wiedenmann and colleagues
The QS department serenading

In his valedictory Dr. Wiedenmann said that it had been a pleasure to work with this team and he gave his thanks to each one of his colleagues. He has enjoyed the past 11 years at DRONANIA – especially the challenges of the day-to-day-business

The Managing Director Dr. Tittel emphasised that in his function as Operations Manger Dr. Wiedenmann has always been a role model and a top performer. No matter the outfit – white lab smock, blue overall or suit and tie – Dr. Wiedenmann had always committed himself to the company and to the needs of its customers. Since 2005 he helped to set up and establish the company with great personal effort. Dr. Tittel wished great success, health and all the best for his future career

His preliminary successor as Head of Production is Dr. Ulrike Bühring. Mrs. Hajnalka Bercesi has taken over the position as Commercial Director.

07/2010: Newcomer with tradition...

 ... this is the title of DRONANIA’s two-page advertorial in the Pharma+Food compendium for contract manufacturing 2010.

With its long-time expertise DRONANIA is a newcomer on the contract manufacturers’ market situated in a location where tradition is obligatory. But tradition also implies the company’s name that is more than 90 years old.

DRONANIA is partner to both national and international pharmaceutical industry producing pharmaceuticals as well as food supplements.
The core competence lies with traditional, herbal materials, vitamins and minerals. With their modern machinery the contract manufacturer DRONANIA processes and converts these materials to tablets, effervescent tablets, powder mixtures, capsules (rigid gelatine and cellulose) and liquids (for internal and external application).

Download of the article


01.09.2009: New pharmaceutical Mixer – extended technologies

  • Neuer Pharmamischer

The construction and reconstruction goes on! On 01.09.2009 managing director Dr. Wiedenmann brought the brand new 3D-drum-mixer type HAD400 in line. This powder mixer has a capacity of max. 340l equalling 200 kg maximum weight capacity (at a bulk density of appx. 0,52). The mixer excels at its 3 dimensional run of the mixing drum avoiding centrifugal forces.

This mixing technology is going to be applied mainly for small batches and for mixtures with physically delicate ingredients within the pharmaceutical sector as well as for high end food supplements. The machine is situated within a box suitable for usage in the pharmaceutical industry and according to GMP rules for the production. The box is modern equipped, separately ventilated and air-conditioned. Furthermore, it disposes of a dust removal device and an employees’ safety device.

Are you interested in a contract production of small and middle-sized batches of tablets and capsules? Are you interested in benefiting from state-of-the-art powder mixing technologies? Please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Production.

August 2009: DRONANIA receives Certificate of manufacturing for clinical testing samples:

Liquid pharmaceutical form for external application.

In August 2009 the responsible regulatory authority in Munich gave the manufacturing approval according to § 13 AMG for liquid clinical test products for external application. As a result DRONANIA’s service portfolio as a production contractor and scientific partner has expanded to this new area.

Heretofore DRONANIA offered GMP production of testing samples in tablet-form and all sorts of liquid pharmaceutical forms for internal and external application – being used for stability testing, packaging studies and product development. With the authorization to also produce testing samples for clinical purposes DRONANIA wants to establish itself as a service provider for pharmaceuticals development. The LAT-Group ( thus expands its service portfolio to product development, product optimisation and product modification, e.g. by proving further indications in dermatological studies.

Are you interested in the production of testing samples? Please contact Head of Production

Dronania at the ARAB HEALTH Exhibition in Dubai

Participation in Important Trade Fair:
DRONANIA represented together with business group Dr. Tittel at the ARAB HEALTH Exhibition in Dubai

The participation of DRONANIA, Traditional Medicine Made in Bad Wörishofen GmbH, in the ARAB HEALTH Exhibition in Dubai (UAE) aroused much interest among trade visitors engaged in the pharmaceutical and medical technology businesses. The ARAB HEALTH Exhibition with its more than 2,200 exhibitors is the largest and most important specialized trade fair in the Middle East.  The management of Dronania, represented by Dr. Christa Tittel, Managing Partner, and Dr. Gerolf Tittel, Managing Director, for the first time seized the opportunity to present to the Arabian market their drug products and dietary supplements and their services for third party manufacturing of such products.

The participation in such important international exhibitions is facilitated to smaller and medium-sized companies in Bavaria by means of  financial support from the Bavarian State Government. As one of the exhibitors at the Bavarian joint booth,  DRONANIA aroused keen interest among potential sales partners of 9 countries of the Arab region. During the visit of the Bavarian State Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Mrs Christa Stewens, at the booth of the business group Dr. Tittel, the Managing Director of DRONANIA pointed out the importance of the economical support by the Bavarian State Government for the internationalisation of business relations by the participation in such exhibitions.

From left to right.: State Minister Christa Stewens, Dr. Christa Tittel, Dr. Gerolf Tittel

After its re-establishment and a change of management in 2004, DRONANIA has turned to be an ambitious pharmaceutical company with more than 40 employees, located in the “health paradise” Lower Allgäu  in Western Bavaria, and now strives to consolidate its position in the emerging national and international markets of dietary supplements with innovative products and an increased export business. Hence the focus of the DRONANIA booth at the ARAB HEALTH was the presentation of the DRAGON FORMULA (DRACHENFORMEL), an innovative series of dietary supplements.

The DRAGON FORMULA, distributed in pharmacies in Germany, is part of DRONANIA’s concept „East meets West“.  This product range combines the millennial experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western know-how to create safe, natural, physiologically valuable product compositions. These novel products aroused much interest in particular among the Arab visitors of the exhibition, since the medical and pharmaceutical experience of Asia and Europe have been joining at this crossroad for centuries.

Asia contacts "on site"

Phytovisions and Phytoconsult (Mr. Jürgen Yamaji) have been cooperating for years in the field of initial business deals and factory auditing in Asia. After seven months of working with our establishment in Bad Wörishofen, Germany, Mr. Yamaji is now "our man in Asia" again. Based on the Philippines he is also available as co-operation partner for Phytovisions for short term business activities in Asian countries, in particular in China. (February 10th 2005)


Administration building in new brightness

High performance requires an adequate environment. Therefore, the new management of DRONANIA begun with the gradual transformation, renovation and structural changes. Meanwhile the administration bulding lights up inside and facade of the company. The company colors of both, Phytovisions Ltd.. & Co. KG and DRONANIA Traditional Pharmaceuticals from Bad Woerishofen Ltd. were consistently used for the decoration since the building holds both firms. (September 3rd 2004)


Capsule development - a new DRONANIA service

Dietary supplements in hard gelatine capsules have a high rank on the market. The development of such capsules is a new DRONANIA service. The development service includes the consulting services regarding the dispensing, the test of the marketability, the analytical monitoring and the execution under GMP. For information, please contact Dr. Matthias Wiedenmann. (September 3rd 2004)


Production plant for medicinal and cosmetic oil baths

  • Cosmetic oil baths have a tradition in the production of DRONANIA. With the increasing product acceptance of oil baths the demand increased. Therefore DRONANIA started a new production plant, in which amounts of up to 6 tons can be produced. In addition a new and fast packaging plant and a new pharmaceutical water processor were installed and started.
  • DRONANIA produces oil baths under their brand name "Bad Wörishofener Ölbäder" for pharmacies and drugstores. Further DRONANIA is an important contract manufacturer for this kind of products.
  • Since the new production plant is GMP qualified, DRONANIA is also able to produce medicinal oil baths (pharmaceutical). (May 2nd 2005)


On the way to a new computer system solution

The efficiency of a modern company is significantly connected with a high performance EDP system. In co-operation with the Munich based software house OBJECTIVE DRONANIA Traditional Pharmaceuticals from Bad Woerishofen GmbH is currently working on a fast and efficient IMS (Informtiaon Management System) for administration, production planning and order processing. The software package "VOCAM" (validation, organization, control and management) is polyglot and client- and internet capable. If you would like to know more about this special software solution for medium-size companies, contact Mr. Leetsch (Objective) or Dr. Tittel. (September 3rd 2004)


New authority center for traditional pharmaceuticals

In Germany and Europe traditional pharmaceuticals are highly significant for the prevention of general diseases and therapy of existential orientation disorders. Just recently the European Commission redefined this term and created a European way of licensing procedure for this kind of pharmaceuticals. An authority center for research, development and production of modern pharmaceuticals as well as dietary supplements based on European and Asian people medicine is currently forming the facilities of Dronania, in the world famous sanatorium and city of Bad Woerishofen. Under the leadership of Mr. Dr. Gerolf Tittel, with consultation of Dr. Professor Hildebert Wagner (University of Munich) and our contact to various universities in China we are developing a service center for quality control of Asian medical plants and herbs as well as a center for the development of new products. Consulting experts will of course also be one of our main services and focuses. (July 15 2004)


DRONANIA in the upwind

Against the general economic trend of shifting jobs away from Germany,  DRONANIA management decided to create new jobs at their establishment in Bad Woerishofen. High quality of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements "Made in Germany" produced for all countries in the European Union require a qualified DRONANIA team. Open positions: JOBS (September 1st 2004)


DRONANIA under new management

On 15.07.2004 Dronania GmbH Dr. Hancken was changed into DRONANIA Traditionelle Arzneimittel aus Bad Woerishofen GmbH (DRONANIA Traditional Pharmaceuticals from Bad Woerishofen GmbH). The new company with new management is now co-operating with Phytovisions GmbH & Co.KG. (July 15th 2004)


Are we facing a renaissance of herbal combination pharmaceuticals?

At the scientific LAT symposium "Visions and perspectives of the pharmaceutical science" (June 2004) Prof. Dr. Wagner introduced the latest scientific data and reflections about the synergistic impact of herbal remedies. (July 15th 2004)


Aroma therapy with oils of the traditional Chinese medicine

Aroma therapy with essential oils is just as important for the prevention of civil illnesses as for the abatement of stress factors from our environment and our work place. The Dronania/Phytovisions management is currently involved in negotiations with Chinese and Taiwanese companies, to bring the tradtion of Chinese armoa therapy in modern form of scientificly processed products to Germany. The launch of these products is scheduled for 2005 (15.Jul.2004)


TCM: Tradtional Chinese Medicine

Soon NEW in our DRONANIA assortment:


Innovatice dietary supplements, developed from our sister company Phytovisions GmbH & Co. KG ( based on the experience of Chinese medicine and herbal knowledge.

Selected Chinese herbs from direct import. High qualtiy by own quality control. We ensure that all herbs come from controlled agricultural cultivation in China (GAP) and that they are free of pollutants. Certifications of analysis from LAT GmbH Dr. Tittel, Gräfelfing/Munich, guarantee the requirement of highest quality (

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