Contract Manufacture

Your product under GMP (pharmaceutical standard)

Our expertise and many years of pharmaceutical experience focus on both traditional (e.g. THMP) and innovative (e.g. TCM and Phytoceuticals according to latest scientific findings) phyto/herbal raw materials, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which we manufacture for you under contract to ...


Pharmaceuticals & Dietary supplements:

Contract manufacturing of highly effective herbal medicines and innovative nutritional supplements. Furthermore GMP contract manufacturing of veterinary medicines and animal feed supplements available!
Naturally are all products manufactured according to the IFS and HACCP safety concept as well as GMP.
  Pharmaceuticals & Dietary supplements under GMP


Direct-compression on a modern rotary press.
The tablet formats range of 7-15mm. Other formats upon request.
Batch sizes: small amounts to several million.


On several fully automatic capsule machines we produce hard gelatin capsules, vegetarian capsules (cellulose) and enteric-coated capsules.
Available capsule sizes: 00 to 2. Other sizes upon request.
Batch sizes: small amounts to several million.
  Blister and packages


We produce liquids for a variety of interior and exterior applications.
Two production lines for bottling including packing are available.
Batch sizes: small amounts to several tons.
  Liquids (for interior and exterior application)

Blister (PVC aluminum and aluminum-aluminium):

We blister your tablets or capsules in various forms and packaging grades to suit your needs (including child-proof blisters) from the small to large batch sizes.
Our special service for you: custom packaging design and design of the package inserts.
  Blister (PVC aluminum and aluminum-aluminium)


Depending on the application we are flexible in the choice of material: metals, plastics and glass in a variety of packaging sizes including tamper-evident caps (including sleeves).
  Cans/Bottles (metals, plastics and glass)


We fill your liquids in bottles made of glass or plastic, including various closures with or without tamper-evident caps (also sleeves) and dosing aids according to your wishes.
We can offer you the following formats: from 20 ml to 1l.
  Bottles (glass or plastic)
Example Frame
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