02/2015: CHINA

Often unilaterally considered in the Western media, recognized as a partner of the German economy; a great nation with a magnificent past, to the origins of mankind: The People's Republic of China!

For DRONANIA Chinese business partner were and are for many years reliable suppliers of valuable raw materials, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts. This also includes raw materials related to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Starting 1990, the current shareholders of DRONANIA tried to understand and get to know modern China, its economy and ways of thinking as well as to find a way for mutually fair business contacts through many travels. As a result, today many business partners also became friends. In our production facility here at DRONANIA, several high-performance machines come from Chinese workshops/factories. We use these machines very successfully, maintained by our own technical team, in particular for the production of capsules and tablets. [1]

We are always looking at the Chinese market for specialty, high quality raw materials from GMP production plants for preparations for our clients, but also for our own products portfolio. We insist that our Chinese exporters inspect the raw material manufacturers through their own audits. The direct audition of significant Chinese suppliers is essential in the DRONANIA Import philosophy. Dr. Tittel can look back on more than a decade of experience as GMP and GACP Auditor for Chinese factories as well as TCM plantations. He uses this experience also on behalf of third parties. 2013 the DRONANIA Production Manager Dr. Gasser (experts according to § 65 para. 4 AMG, a member of the working party TCM at the EDQM in Strasbourg) brought new and important know-how to the DRONANIA Team in the area of the quality assessment of herbal substances from China.

Chinese consumers are increasingly turning to German quality. The demand for German, herbal medicines/pharmaceuticals and food supplements increases steadily in Hong Kong and the "Mainland". In this market DRONANIA products are record rising export figures.

Since the beginning of the cooperation with Chinese companies, Mr. and Mrs. Drs. Tittel focused not only on the import / export business, but also started the development of modern nutritional supplements based on TCM plants and their traditional use.

The result is a patented aqueous special extract of the wolf berry (goji / Gou Qi Zi) and the Schizandra berry (Wu Wei Zi) originally processed into effervescent and oblong tablets. In future processes into a ready to drink solution as well as into a soluble powder filled into a sacchet. The special extract was given the working name "Dragon Formula" and a corresponding website (www.drachenformel.de).

This unusual name, originally born in DRONANIA / Phytovisions R&D laboratory, refers to the special position of the dragon as a powerful and lucky creature in Chinese mythology. Analogous to TCM philosophy, the extract is also called "The Power of two berries".

The special extract is an excellent, guaranteed doping-free sports nutrition and a source of exclusively natural ingredients, such as those used for daily strengthening the immune system. Material and legal boundaries well defined to medicines and without being subject to the Novel Food Regulation, is this special extract - to our knowledge - the first food supplement ingredient in Germany which integrates the knowledge of TCM and the quality of European production into a modern product. Not the immediate stimulating effect, but the sustainability of a real food supplement marks and distinguishes this product.

Feel free to contact us if you want know more about this product line or if you want to include a product with this special extract into your distribution.
We tailor the products according to the needs of our customers!

[1]On the subject of "Pharma machines from the Far East": Lecture by Dr. G. Tittel at the CONCEPT Pharmaceutical Technology Conference 2010 in Dusseldorf.

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