03/2015: DRONANIA in international markets

2014 DRONANIA had a revenue share of 40% with foreign customers, no matter EU or third countries. And this both with products from the own portfolio as well as from contract manufacturing services. This export proportion has grown steadily since 2011. This is due to the fact that we consistently busy ourselves with international markets. Multiple trade fairs, such as the Arab Health in Dubai (UAE) and personal contacts in EU countries as well as the Middle and Far East are the motors in the export structure.

DRONANIA strives to strengthen the notion of "Made in Germany" as a quality principle for herbal supplements in third countries. This means that we apply the uncompromising high quality standards that are in force for Germany and the EU also to all export products. These include our demands on non-genetically modified additives, compliance with the German limits for pesticides, heavy metal residues, aflatoxins and microbiological quality according to pharmaceutical standards.

Quality and price go together. Especially in international markets, both regional differences in purchasing power and government regulations, impact the import prices. Our sales management strives to achieve a fitting price/performance ratio through the regulation of purchase quantities, medium-term supply contracts and the involvement of regional characteristics, for the importing country and the distributor, without reducing the quality "Made in Germany". This is true both for the inner-EU trade, as well as third country exports. Ms. Monika Berkmiller (monika.berkmiller@dronania.de), responsible for the export and commercial operations manager, is at your service for any planning of export orders.

The legal framework for the export from the EU and the import into a third country are very different. DRONANIA is happy to offer and provide the experience and support for the classification of products for export. Often preparations that are classified in the EU countries as "THMP" (= Traditional herbal medicines) are classified and registered nationally, in third countries as "Herbals" Phytoceuticals "Herbal Food Supplements, inter alia. The DRONANIA team advises partners regarding the classification, provides necessary quality documents, procures CPPs ("Certificate of a pharmaceutical product") and FSCs (Free Sales Certificates) and takes care of certifications through the necessary chambers, courts, consulates and embassies. This is an all-round service, so that our partners have all the necessary documents quickly available in its national area, to reach registrations and approvals in a timely fashion.

DRONANIA understands the export into foreign countries, certainly into difficult areas as well, as an important tool of their own growth and cosmopolitanism. The list of our export destinations is a situation analysis of commodity flows, which a small, mid-sized company can not escape if she wants to economically grow successfully.

Last but not least: DRONANIA exports dietary supplements for children, especially the products Vitapan C drops Vitapan D drops, Ferrupan juice and Multipan juice, also into crisis areas in which vitamin supplements are only available in small amounts, because it is not in the course of international politics opportune, and for many companies is not economically interesting to engage in such regions. For us, the individual is always paramount!

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